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Our story

I was sitting at a café a while back and I saw one girl checking out the cute barista.  

He didnt have time to see her and she didn’t want to go and talk to him and be pushy. So after some time she left, maybe a bit sad but I guess she would come back and try to get him to notice her another day.

This got me to thinking. How can we contact strangers with that only information –LOCATION ?

Often when we meet someone we don’t know their name and if we do we don’t get the full name and I myself forget names in a few moments. So how can we find “strangers”?

I came up with an idea for this and the result is this app – MAPPYCHAT

I didnt know where to start, im not a programmer. So i starteda collaboration with a Company in Thailand. But after a few months they did half of it but couldnt do more. So i was alone. A  year Went by and I didnt know what to do. I work, my husband study and we a have a child so we didint have so much money.

But you have to follow your dreams. So I took from our small savings. I didnt tell many people about the idea. Just a handful people was told about the app. 

I wanted people to see the app and not me.  

This app keep track of all users on our app. So you can be able to see who is a specific place at the other side of the world or just a few feet away from you.

And connect with them!

There are many apps out there where you can trace your friends but this app lets you find all users even those who is not your friend yet.

You are in charge of your location, so don’t worry you can switch off your location at any time, when you get to many fan requests =)

You can see your friends on the map in one color and the rest of the app users in another color.

I am curious, so curious that I made an app to see who is where. Are you curious to?




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