Mappychat is a platform where user can communicate with their loved ones and make new friends also from all over the world by just picking a location on map user can see available users to chat with .

If you are looking for an app through which you can communicate with the people of different places Mappychat is there.

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The future is here

Ever wonder who is at the Eiffel tower right now?

Or do you want to know where your friends are right now?

No need to wonder, check it out on MappyChat



FIND the one you want - for free

friends, family, strangers, new best friends, future spouse...

This is the easiest way to get in contact someone you don't know and easy to check where your contacts are - right now.

Easy to use.  Click on the dots on the map, start to chat with someone. Once you have chatted with them you can click on them and see their position right away!




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